Sensei Veras – Chief Instructor

Raphael Veras was born in Fortaleza, in Brazil on 5th December 1981. He started practicing karate at the age of 8 years with instructor Ullisses Moreira. Two years later he moved to another club, where he trained with Sensei Arnaldo where he became Ceara State Champion and later Brazilian Champion aged only 15...

At the age of 17 he stopped training for two years due to a knee injury.  At 19 he returned to training and decided to move to London, where he studied with Sensei Phil Francis joining the Ishinryu Karate Association, where he got to compete at national and international level, winning the British, English and International Opens.

In 2007, he became World Shotokan Karate Champion. In the same year he became English and British Champion following 2008-2009 and again having suffered injury to his other knee, stopped competing and had to have further surgery.

His last competition was 2013 where he achieved a bronze medal in the British Championship and he won a gold at Coupe de Kayl in Luxembourg at Open Weight.

Unfortunately he tried to carry on his competition career but had to stop in order to have further knee surgery.

Patience Kakitie  Coach 

Sensei Patience Kakitie is a 2nd Dan black belt.

Patience was born and raised in London. She lived in Scotland, Singapore and Indonesia before settling in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, from where she now teaches her classes. Patience comes from a  Business, Finance and Marketing background but has always had a keen interest in physical fitness and has since retrained as a fitness instructor and personal trainer.

She started practising Wado Ryu Karate in 2005 after enroling her 4 year old son in a class; her daughter Emily followed at age 3. Patience now teaches and competes in the Shito Ryu style.

Patience assisted her Instructor for 5 years before establishing her own classes in 2010. She now teaches at a number of prestigeous schools and centres around Oxford.

Under her former Association and Federation Patience achieved 4 Individual World Bronze medals and a Senior team World Gold medal, an Individual European Bronze medal and numerous National awards.

Her children have been equally succesful and her proudest moments have undoubtedly been coaching her children and students at National, European and World level competitions. She coached her daughter (then aged 10) to victory, at the world championships in Serbia in 2012, where her son narrowly missed a Bronze medal.

Patience continues to compete in Kumite in both Veteran and Senior age catagories; highlights of which include:

Scottish International Open Karate Championships 2014, Veteran Silver

BRITISH 4 NATIONS Karate Championships 2014 and 2016 Veteran Silver

Central England International Open 2016 Senior – Bronze, Veteran Bronze

British International Open Karate Championships 2015, Kumite – Veteran Gold & Senior Bronze

North of England Championships 2016 Veteran Gold & Senior Bronze

Central England International Open 2017 Senior – Bronze & Veteran Bronze

BIKO Championships 2017 Veteran Silver & Senior Bronze

British International Open 2017 Veteran Silver

North of England Championships 2017 Veteran Gold & Senior Silver

Patience is an accredited English Karate Federation coach. She enjoys nothing better than scouting for and nurturing future GB Olympians.

Sergio Gomes – Coach

Sensei Sergio Gomes is a 1st Dan black belt under Sensei Raphael Veras. He started karate at the age of 24 and has now been training at the Veras Academy for 10 Years. His passion was and still is to become the best Karateka that he can be. He was Sensei Raphael Veras first senior student.

He enjoys teaching and coaching Karate as there is a certain satisfaction he gets from watching the students grow in ability, he believe that Karate is a good tool for students to grow in confidence and concentration.

Bernadette Urrutia – Coach

Started training seven years ago, and was graded to Brown Belt in 2016; She is a former regional and national medallist. Began facilitating sessions under the instruction of Sensei Veras, having a passion for martial arts now helps to develop our new students.

Dawn Kavanagh – Coach

Donna Blake – Coach

She previously trained in karate for 10 years under a different association, however she felt that something was missing from her training. Passion, hunger, excitement! She met sensei Raphael Veras through a mutual friend and fellow karate-ka. She was instantly ‘hooked’.

Since starting her training with Veras Academy she has won several titles including medals in national and international competitions.
Donna now has her own club under the Veras Academy name and helps Sensei Raphael Veras teaching as well as assisting in the development of the junior squad.