About Us


The Aims

The aim of the Veras Academy is to show their students how karate can change their quality of life.  Through the discipline of training they develop the leader in themselves, build on their individual and teamwork skills. With this understanding students can train happily and competently in a friendly environment.

At the Veras Academy we strive to be the best.  Our classes are more than kicks and punches.  They are about developing respect, discipline, self-esteem and improving basic motor skills. Our classes are also for fun and at the same time children are learning how to respect themselves and others. Adults also benefit from the discipline of martial arts training building stamina, increasing flexibility, improving fitness, motivation and increases self-confidence.

Some students learn faster than others, because we know everyone is different and progression varies according to everyone’s ability, peer mentoring is encouraged using the more advanced students. The Academy seeks to maintain a close relationship between teacher, students and parents. Sensei Veras believes students and parents feel more comfortable and confident this way; students get a better understanding and motivation while training and find it easier to socialise before and after classes and parents feel free to express themselves in friendly conversation.

The Association concentrates on training students to achieve their goals and dreams of becoming members of the English Karate Team in the future and become Olympic Champions.

The Association now has several National, International and World Champions and Medallists, competing in European countries as well as the United States of America.