Elite International Open Karate Championships 2017



























































































































































































Veras Academy Karate Association took part in a well organised event held at the University of East London (UEL). The event was attended by over 300 competitors from Italy, Norway, Spain, Armenia, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Wales and England.
The results could not have been better for the association which has done amazingly well reaching the top of the medals table by producing 17 Gold, 15 Silver and 11 bronze medals. It was a great result for the Veras Academy squad, considering Head Coach Raphael Veras had only a day before the competition to do a dedicated squad training as he was in Hong Kong for 3 weeks, supporting the Hong Kong National Head Coach William Thomas.
This week Veras Academy Squad heads to Poland to attend the Polish Open International karate championships. Lets hope we are keep the pace in the medals stake this weekend.