Mike Toiton, 5th Dan
-Elite EKF and BKF referee
-Shodan with the World Self Defense Association.

Will be facilitating a course for our association then following it with a test at the end, in order to qualify selected members as VA Association Referee.

Place: Islington dojo
Time 8:00-10:00 am
Test: 10:00-10:30aam

15/11/2015- Belgium Open-Leuven  


21/11/2015 -Veras Academy Winter Tounament

Place: Islington Dojo  


22/11/2015-WKU Winter Invitational

Place: Weston-Super-Mare Hutton Moore Leisure Centre  


29/11/2015 -Tatami Cup International Open

Place: Budapest- Hungary  


05/12/2015 Pre- Grading for 5th Kyu and above

Place: Islington Dojo Time:08:00-09:30am  


05/12/2015- Pre-grading up to 5th Kyu

Place: Britania Leisure Centre

Time: 10:30-11:45am  


12/12/2015- General Grading (5 Kyu and above only)

Place: Islington Dojo

Time: 08:00-9:30am  


12/12/2015- Grading up to 5th Kyu

Place: Britannia Leisure Centre

Time: 10:30-11:45am


13/12/2015-Kata Seminar with Fran Salazar and Pepe Carbonell

Place: Barking Abbey Time: 11:15-5:00pm

Cost: £50  


17/01/2016 EKF National Championships Place: Sheffield

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