Veras Academy Karate Association is ready for two of the biggest Karate competitions of the year!


In the picture
Top: Veras Academy Squad with Sensei Raphael Veras, front right
Bottom : Andrew McLarney and Jasmine Pomeroy
The Association’s squad members have been prepared well by Chief Instructor and Association Head, Sensei Raphael Veras. This preparation has included early morning training in London every Saturday, which for many students has meant leaving home at 6.00 am to train for two hours in Islington, followed by their usual class. This is in addition to their week-day training in the London and Esssex clubs. For some students this has amounted to ten hours per week.

Sensei Raphael has been pushing the students hard to improve their strength, fitness, technique, decision-making, tactics and most importantly, their mental attitude.

The big day for most of the squad is this Sunday where they will be competing at the EKF English Championships in Sheffield where they will face students from all over the country fighting for the title of ‘English Champion’.

Meanwhile two students, elite competitors Jasmine Pomeroy (English International) and Andrew McLarney (Veras Academy Instructor) will be in France competing in the Karate Premier League Paris Open, where they will face WKF world champions and medalists.

“We can always do more but I believe the students are ready now. They have worked hard, I am very proud of them all, and we are looking forward to seeing how they perform on the day.” Said Sensei Raphael.

Happy Holidays!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us all at Veras Academy! We have had a fantastic 2014 with some tremendous results and we are very much looking forward to a 2015 with more top results and especially the 2015 English and British Championships. We hope you have a great Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in 2015.
Our sessions will resume as normal on  the 05th of January 2015.

Best wishes
Veras Academy Karate Association.



Boys 6-7yrs Kata                                                                       Kick Master 6yrs and under

Jack Gentili – Gold                                                                   Alexander Ogunsalu-Gold

Makhae Rosengrove-Silver                                                   Milena-Silver

Mahir Ahmed-Bronze                                                             Kian Marley-Bronze


Boys 8-9 yrs Kata                                                                    Boys 6-7yrs Kumite

Luca Veras(7)-Gold                                                                Jack Gentili-Gold

Daniel Gardner(8)-Silver                                                     Makhae Rosengrove-Silver

Ismail Cinar(8)                                                                      Alexander Ogunsalu-Bronze


Boys 10-12yrs Kata up to 5th Kyu                                     Boys 8-9yrs  Kumite

Kaesy Nakpodia-Gold                                                         Luca Veras-Gold

Dejuan Greaves-Silver                                                        Aneirin Jindal-Silver

Leo Hume- Bronze                                                              Daniel Gardner-Bronze


Boys 10-12yrs Kata 4th Kyu and Above                       Boys 10-12yrs up to 5th Kyu

Liam Veras-Gold                                                                    Kaesy Nakpodia-Gold

Luan Veras-Silver                                                                   Leo Hume-Silver

Seyhan Cinar-Bronze                                                            Andrew Egbunike-Bronze


Boys 13yrs + Kata                                                            Boys 10-12 4th Kyu and Above

Ben Pomeroy-Gold                                                          Luan Veras-Gold

Daniel Chamoun-Silver                                                 Seyhan Cinar-Silver

—————————                                                 Liam Veras(9)-Bronze


Girls 8-9yrs Kata                                                            Boys 13yrs+ Kumite

Kailah Assanah-Gold                                                   Ben Pomeroy-Gold

Belle Bautista-Silver                                                      Daniel Chamoun-Silver


Girls 10-12yrs Kata                                                       Girls 6-8yrs Kumite

Tayla O’Brien-Gold                                                      Kailah Assanagh-Gold

Lucienne Brown-Silver                                               Sienna Williamson-Silver

Maria Chamoun-Bronze                                            Bella Bautista-Bronze


Girls 10-12yrs Kumite

Tayla O’Brien-Gold

Lucienne Brown-Silver

Maria Chamoun-Bronze


2014 has been a great year for the Veras Academy Karate team since becoming an official EKF approved Association. After brilliant results from regionals, nationals, British and International championships in France, Luxemburg and Germany, Veras Academy has gone even  further in Europe to be challenged  at the Latvia International 2014.

To conclude the year perfectly, on the 07th of December at the Olimpiskais Sporta Centrs in Riga,  Sensei Raphael led his junior team of 5 boys Seyhan Cinar(10) the Veras brothers Luan(10), Liam(9),Luca(7) and Jack Gentili-Walsh(7) to come back to London with 5 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze medals.

It was a long and tough day for the team, as they arrived at the venue 9am and left it around 8pm.

Veras Academy Squad was the only association from the UK competing against Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Estonia nationals.

Sensei Raphael said: “Eastern Europeans are true warriors and the result from our 5 members has proved that we are on the right path to make future world champions”.


Team kata u10-Bronze(Liam, Luca and Jack)


Team Kata u12-Bronze(Luan, Liam and Seyhan)

Liam kata u10 bronze

Seyhan 7th kyu kata u12 -gold

Luca u8 kata- silver

Luca Sumo challenge U8 -28 -gold

Luca u8+25kg kumite-gold

Liam u10 -32 fight –Gold

Liam open kumite -10-silver

Luan open kumite u12 bronze

Luan +43 kumite-gold

Veras Academy at the EKF Squad Training

VA Karate Junior Squad has attended for the first time the EKF national squad training at the North Hertfordshire College. It was implemented for the first time to the 10yrs+ age categories as it was previously only offered to athletes from 13yrs and above.  Luan Veras(10), Lulu Brown(10), Saynan Cinar(10) and Luke Kavanagh(12)were the first ones to attend in their age range. They have grabbed this opportunity and were delighted to have taken part and trained with the England karate team. Other members from VA Squad Jasmine Pomeroy (19), Benjamin Pomeroy (13) and Daniel Chamoun (13) were also present.

Sensei Raphael quoted “It was a great experience for the future world champions. It was an opportunity for them to realise how hard they have to work in order to achieve a place within the England Team”.

Congratulations to the newest 9th- 4th Kyu karatekas!

North London Veras Academy Karate Club kyu grading, was held on Saturday 22 November 2014.

Sensei Raphael Veras, Head Instructor put the class through its paces one week before the grading, going through all the karate stances, techniques, combinations and forms as a final opportunity for checking details.

Students from Ringcross Dojo in Islington amongst students from after school clubs from Camden, Hackney and Brent schools were over the moon after passing their examination for a higher belt.

Sensei Raphael Veras, was pleased with every student, especially the young ones who showed a lot of commitment throughout the test.


Congratulations to you all!

Hanse Open 2014

Following the success at the British International Championships in Glasgow and at the Coupe Internationale de Krayl in Luxemburg last month, Veras Academy Karate Association has reached 2nd place with only 4 competitors at the Hanse Open 2014  in Luebeck .


Squad members Seyhan Cinar(10), brothers Luan Veras(10), Liam Veras(9) and Luca Veras(7), along with head coach and instructor Raphael Veras, made the trip to Germany for the competition on Saturday November 01st. This was a large and well attended event with high standard competitors from  45 clubs from 4 European Nations.

All boys have competed in both Kumite (fight) and Kata(forms) in their respective categories bringing back to London 5 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals.

*LUCA VERAS- GOLD in Kumite and SILVER in Kata

*LIAM VERAS- GOLD in Kumite and BRONZE in Kata

*LUAN VERAS- GOLD in Kumite and SILVER in Kata

*SEYHAN CINAR- GOLD in Kata and BROZE in Kumite

*LUAN, LIAM AND SEYHAN- GOLD in Team Kata and SILVER in Team Kumite

Coupe Internationale de Kayl-Luxemburg 2014

Veras Academy Karate Association reaches 3rd place out of 61 associations from 10 European countries.

VA International Competition Squad lead by Head Instructor Sensei Raphael Veras, travelled to Luxembourg at the weekend to compete for England in the prestigious International Coupe de Kayl in Luxembourg.

The Veras Academy International Squad came away with no less than 4 gold, 1 silver and  5 bronze medals for their team and country!

On Saturday the juniors led the way with Luca Veras, aged 7 winning gold in both the Kata and Kumite and also winning the coveted “Best Competitor Under 14 Years” trophy – a huge achievement and a huge trophy!

Brother Liam, aged 9 then won gold in Kumite and bronze in Kata, followed by eldest brother, Luan, aged 10 who won gold in U12 -45kg making all three brothers individual International Champions!

Their team-mate Lucienne Brown, aged 11, rounded off the first day of the competition with a well earned bronze medal in the U12 -35kg Kumite.

On Sunday it was the turn of the two Veras Academy Elite competitors to test their skills.

Andras Tomas won the bonze medal in the +70kg and then went on the win the Silver medal in the Senior Open Kumite category

Andrew McLarney won the bronze medal in the-70kg and also a bronze in the Senior Open Kumite.

Also Competing were Seyhan Cinar Luke Kavenagh and Jack Walsh who did extremely well in their events although they did not medal.

British International Championships 2014

Veras Academy bring home the medals from The British International Karate Championships!


Yet again the Academy showed its class in one of the toughest events in the karate competition calendar. Competitors from all over the World arrived at The Emirates Arena in Glasgow  to compete for a podium position.


The medal haul began with Mette McLarney’s bronze in the Female Veteran Kata Opens, followed by Liam and Luca Veras winning Silver in the U10 years pairs kata.


The excitement continued as brother Luan Veras and team-mate Seyhan Cinar also took silver in the U12 years pairs kata.


The Veras’ Academy juniors continued the success in the individual Kata events where Luke Kavanagh placed 5th in U14 years Kata in a category of 43 competitors and Luca Veras won bronze in the U8 years kata.

Then an amazing performance in the U10 years Kata by Liam Veras, consisting of several rounds, earnt the hard working student a coveted first place trophy and British Open Champion title!


But that wasn’t all for Veras Academy. Liam and Luca Veras went on to win another silver medal in the U10 years team kumite closely followed by Luan Veras and Seyhan Cinar taking the bronze in the U12 years pairs kumite.



Luca Veras then took the bronze medal in his individual kumite event.

Big brother Luan, competing in categories of over 40 competitors had to work hard, almost non-stop all day to achieve bronze in both the U12 -40 kg and also the U12 open. An amazing achievement!


Elite competitor Andrew McLarney then took the stage in his first senior international championship in the U21 -68kg where he lost to the semi-finalist but then got within a whisker of the bronze medal position in the Senior -60 kg where he was in the lead until the final second when he unfortunately took a warning (jogai) and was eliminated.

Chief instructor Raphael Veras, who was at ringside for all his students, said ” I am very proud of my team.  After 8 weeks without training due to my trip to Brazil, teaching at seminars and on holidays with the family, 3 weeks of preparation has made us still achieve great results.  Not bad at all!”